Big Budget Film...  Smaller Price Tag

Why use BragFire for Film?

  • Exceptional quality
  • All the latest and greatest camera gear
  • Affordable 
  • You have a full license to use the film however you wish.
    (Unlike others you won't have to pay annually or for every new purpose of the footage)

What do we do?

Our team will visit your property for several days filming the resort inside and out. We capture the spirit and feel of your resort. We bring in gear to collect high-value cinematic shots, time-lapses, aerial footage and much more to capture the essence of your resort and properly show off all of the reasons people visit you.

What do you get?

  • Fully produced promotional video
  • Hard drive with all raw digital HD footage
    • Use footage for additional marketing videos and any digital distribution
  • Bird's-eye view of your property
  • Interior and exterior footage
  • License to use footage as you wish

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